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   ☆ Company News:Analysis of the new era of domestic printing technology

明发国际娱乐 With computer technology, and digital and network technology continues to evolve and people print quality, print production efficiency, automation, and environmental protection have become increasingly demanding, more and more new ideas, new technologies and new institutions was introduced into the printing equipment manufacturing, which greatly contributed to a substantial increase in offset printing accuracy. Domestic well-known for its printing equipment manufacturers are well-known brands of printing equipment was constant transformation and innovation, assist in reducing time and increase automation and reduce scrap to make a fuss, to meet the market for multi-species, multi-color and low-volume printing needs.

Development of printing equipment from the market point of view, the new printing press in general has the following characteristics or are moving in this direction: automatic mapping control, automatic or semi-automatic version, automatic blanket cylinder and impression cylinder wash, and fully integrated color control panel etc., on these new technologies in the printing press has been widely used.

With the development of society, people to see things continue to improve, replace black and white images in color, after crossing, has begun a second qualitative leap - switch to three-dimensional image plane image. We all know that, since the image plane since the advent of color, developing very rapidly, and its reach has extended to all aspects of society. Meet different levels, different industries, different environmental needs of the people. However, as society continues to progress and development in planar technology popular today, although filled every corner of the world. But the monotony of style, burdensome and excessively bureaucratic approach, making the plane technology can no longer meet the requirements of the customer's visual aesthetic, is bound to change in nature. The birth of a three-dimensional image of an inevitable social development. It is a true reflection of the things up and down, left, before and after the relationship; inherit all of the application of the image plane, and gives a strong visual impact, in contrast, lifelike.

3D three-dimensional printing (3D Printing), it seems like magic magic on people's temptation to change a long time, but because of its high production costs, and often require high-volume printing, so that no popular over the years, technology development is not temperature not fire. With the grating plate technology development and technology in computer, reducing the threshold of three-dimensional printing, then, three-dimensional printing market in a number of three-dimensional printing technology and equipment developers and co-cultivation of three-dimensional printing companies, the germination of a new life.

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